Message of the President

آقای دکتر عطاالله اشرفی اصفهانی

Dr. ataoallah ashrafi esfahani

Thanks God for giving us the power of knowledge and diligence which made us believe our abilities for development of agriculture sector in Iran.

Mazraeh Faraze Aseman (MFA) is proud of providing top quality products and services with a customer-oriented perspective in the field of agricultural inputs to the Iranian farmers. I believe our success is the fruit of our teamwork and I appreciate the efforts of all the staff and managers of MFA.

I wish God help my colleagues and me to maintain our integrity in order to reach our company goals and support the improvement of agricultural production in our country.

In MFA we believe that farmers are the most valuable resources for us and we should always stand beside them mainly with high quality products and technical services.

I hope, with your constructive criticisms and suggestions, you help us to reach our goals, hoping for improved agricultural production.

Best Regards,

Ataollah Ashrafi Esfahani

CEO and Chairman of the board, MFA

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