About us

Mazraeh Faraze Aseman Co. (MFA) was stablished in 2010 and started its activity by importing pest control products and sprayers and distributing fertilizers and pesticides.

In 2012, MFA succeeded in obtaining to be the exclusive agent of Fertinova Co. (Jordan). Since the purpose of the company is to supply the best inputs specially fertilizers, MFA managed successfully to work with world-class companies like Agrotar of Turkey (2014) and Heliopotasse of France (2015). Agrotar is a producer of different kinds of NPKs, micro elements and organic products. Heliopotasse is also one of the well-known suppliers of high quality fertilizers. According to the company’s point of view, continuous development and innovation, the company started to cooperate with SDP Co. of France in 2016, to extend the portfolio.

In addition to work on the field of chemical fertilizers, during these years MFA has paid a special attention to importing and distributing different kinds of agricultural instruments such as sprayers and brush cutters from Onex, Pomsan, Seesa and Greenfinger. Moreover, the company started a new partnership with Excel Industries (all brands including Berthoud, Tecnoma and Hozlock) and Kwazar Co. of Poland, to provide high quality and technical instruments for farmers. Furthermore, in 2017, in order to have a wider range of sprayers, Lamsin Co. of China was selected as the new supplier for battery and hand sprayers.

Then in 2018, although the economic and commercial situation of the country was so depressing, MFA did not stop its developing plans and started to work with Felixper Company, Germany, which is a supplier of high quality fertilizers in Europe.

We believe in never ending development.

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